Our company (formerly known as Eurofém-Halna Salakfeldolgozó Kft.) was engaged in the processing of metallurgical slag generated as a byproduct of the former metallurgical production in Diósgyőr from 1997, which activity was finally finished in December 2011. As a result of the operation of the company, until today about 3 million tons of metallurgical slag has been recovered for industrial and road construction purposes.

The mountain of metallurgical slag once of significant size has become suitable for the receipt of the Europe Centre Miskolc Business and Logistics Industrial Park as a result of the past years’ processing activities and recultivation works implemented. The total value of the completed investments is HUF 6 billion, of which close to HUF 3 billion is the development aid obtained.

During the construction of its last phase, a more than 10-thousand square-foot intermodal logistics hall was built, for which the park’s industrial railway network can be ideally used. So the Park’s established logistics and office capacity developed to date has reached 32 thousand square meters, but have plans to also build additional manufacturing capacities.