Európa-Center-Miskolc Kft. was announced as “Investor of the Month” in February

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Európa-Center-Miskolc Kft. was recognised, amongst other, for its efforts in establishing a modern industrial park by recovering the slag deposit site of the former metallurgic factory. The award was handed over by Mihály Varga, Minister for National Economy, to Attila Lengyel, Managing Director of the company within the framework of a ceremony held at the Ministry for National Economy on 1 April 2016.

ECM (Fotó: Dede Géza)The purpose of the “Award of Successful Enterprises” is to recognise, make widely known and incentivise business enterprises, small- and medium-sized companies and start-up companies in Hungary which have made significant contribution to the country’s economic growth and may be set as examples for the establishment of other successful enterprises.

The Award has been granted monthly in three categories as of August 2013 upon the initiative and by the support of the Ministry for National Economy; the three categories are as follows: “Investor of the Month”, “Small- and Medium-sized Enterprise of the Month” and “Start-up Company of the Month”.

Any investor that has made a significant contribution to the growth of the Hungarian economy and export rates, has strived to increase employment rates and extend the representation of domestic suppliers, has made efforts to employ people with higher education or professional qualifications and has started any investment of minimum EUR 5 million in the previous months may be granted the award.

tn726c406_By today Európa-Center-Miskolc Kft. has established a modern industrial park integrated into the economic activities of Miskolc and the surrounding region by recovering the former metallurgical slug deposit site, and has provided space and opportunity for local R&D projects and for companies providing industrial and innovative services.