The perhaps most significant event in the life of the already operating park is that from the beginning of October 2014, Bosch has also been making use of the logistics and office capacities offered by the park. It is also important to highlight Borsodwood Kft., a company operating a sawmill at the Park suitable for the processing of all deciduous tree species native to Hungary – mainly beech and oak. The lumber produced here is mainly sold to EU countries, Hungary, Egypt and China.

Currently there are even two successful innovative projects hosted by the Park. In its project, Kriba Kft. worked on the development of track covering monolith segments of rubber grains, as a result of which a material was created that due to its flexibility and excellent cold-resistant and wear-resistant properties may become a more cost-effective alternative for many exterior cladding materials currently used.

The legitimacy of the research and development activities of Bóbita-Trading Kft. related to waste processing and aimed at plastic based pallets is also justified by currently prevailing market demands. The company can emerge as a major market player by the research and development of innovative, effective, and environmentally friendly technologies.